Photo Challenge #20 “Time Goes By Like A Train”


Image by: Julie-de-Waroquier@DeviantArt

Relentless comes to mind

It flashes past, flies by at times.

I check the timetable and to my dismay

It is, as I feared.

Hard times, the Misery Express runs on the hour

Happiness is always leaving as you arrive

Gluttony runs every five minutes

Indifference runs to a random schedule.

Success may run but track work delays it

Punctuality suffers from signal failure.

Love it seems gets derailed

Hurt can hit you at any time

Danger lurks at each level crossing.


Everyday is an adventure

You can never be sure of what might be running

But you can be certain of the sunrise

You’ll hear the early morning express

As it rattles its way through the early hours

Its whistle signalling the hour

With bleary eyed travellers off for another day

Of boredom in the workplace

The stress and hustle and bustle

Of the jolting and grind of metal on metal

As another day passes

And you wonder why

We complain when a train is late

For then the inevitable is postponed

Delayed a little while

A rare moment when time we believe is frozen

For we can be neither here nor there.


So it rolls on its inexorable way

Schedules dictate arrivals and departure.

You don’t want to miss your ride

You probably wont

For time has a way of making sure

When your train arrives

There’s a seat reserved for you.


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23 Responses to Photo Challenge #20 “Time Goes By Like A Train”

  1. hpliebekraft says:

    All too true. It reminds me of a song that I learned a long time ago. The song was written, I believe, in the 1400’s. It contained the line “all our joys are but toys, idle thoughts deceiving. None hath power of an hour o’er the life’s bereaving.”
    This is the reason why people get so depressed when vacations or other good times come to an end, I think.

  2. Such an interesting poem Michael. The concept perfectly depicts the title for the prompt, really enjoyed this, well done.

  3. arushiahuja says:

    wow Michael! thats a wonderful poem… trains are much like our life! some dark and gloomy other well lit and noisy with their destinations beautiful!!

  4. This is perfect for the picture I have been puzzling over this image all day and you’ve nailed it!

  5. Mama Zen says:

    I just adore that first stanza!

  6. JackieP says:

    Perfect words for the picture Michael. Well done! I can so relate to the train and the passage of time in all it’s glory, change, and relentlessness.

  7. RoSy says:

    I call window seat next to you! 🙂

    For some reason – this songs came to mind when reading your poem.

    And – if you liked that – Here’s an hour show that you will surely enjoy.

    • Thanks RoSy, you know when I was young and sillier I used to play that song complete with my idea of a Johnny Cash voice. I’ll keep you a seat but which train will I find you on?

  8. phylor says:

    I’m always anxious that I’ll miss my train, and often arrive far too early, just in case. Now I know why the angst. Will this train be happiness or depression. Should I wait, and take a later train. But that could be hurt or danger.
    Thanks for clearing up the earliness angst for me with your poem! You have a habit of writing in words that, until I read them, I didn’t know could form such contemplative; thought (or laugh with the humorous ones) provoking poetry and prose. Don’t think I’m quite writing what I’m thinking, and I’m missing how I feel
    Let’s just say: Another fantastic effort!

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