Tale Weaver’s Prompt#12 – Ghosts – Gabe.


It’s not such a bad life you know. Mine is unique.

Here’s why.

When all this started I had to attend a ghost induction course. First thing they said was to find a place, preferably a place that you know and stay there. Hoot a bit, jangle a few chains make your presence felt but never too much or they’d get the exorcists in and there’d be no telling where that might lead you. You could really end up in limbo, half way to nowhere. At least if you played your cards right you could be safe and secure forever.

I have discovered a place I can be. At least I thought I had. The house I had been born in. seemed a reasonable place to be, I knew the layout, had imagined a few ghosts in there myself over the years. I played with the idea all my life and now of course there’s the irony of me being in my own home as the ghost. Spending my eternity stuck in 3 Caveat Street seemed more hell than anything. After all it wasn’t my fault I’d fallen down the stairs and hit my head on the basement floor. Damn grandkids leaving things lying about. Of course they’ve all moved on now, couldn’t stay in the place Grandad died now could they.

So when I moved in there was a new family living here. They seem ok. The room I settled in has a young girl living there. Innocent enough I thought.

I’d hang about in the corner of her room, we’d always been taught about staying out of the peripheral vision of any living soul. So I’d follow her about the house until one day I had the distinct impression that she saw me.

Now that is not supposed to happen the living are not meant to see the dead, ghost form or not. If we can achieve a state of having them think we are there then we have done very well. Being seen changes the rules completely as I have discovered.

I have found myself attached myself her. I tried but no matter what I did I always ended up back where she was.

I’ve been with her for so long now it just seems the place to be in her world. I’ve followed her around the countryside and the fact that I have has surprised even me. I thought this ghosting business was all about being stuck in the one place. Not in my case its not.

This girl has even given me a name. Gabe!

She thinks I have a resemblance to her Great Uncle Gabe. I’m quite chuffed by that. For the most part we get along fine.

As she’s gone through life and moved from place to place I’ve found myself moving with her. It has meant I’ve been able to see a bit more of the country, been places I’ve never had the chance to visit when I was alive so there is that advantage.

Lived in different states now in a different country.

She has lived with a few nutters though. Her husband was a real bastard. I discovered I could move things if I concentrated hard enough, just little things like his razor, the occasional important letter. Drove him crazy and she’d made the mistake of telling him about me and I heard him a few times telling her to tell me to put things back. I laughed but did as she asked. I do that; I find I am compelled to comply with her requests.

I found it sad to realise that once she got out of that poisonous marriage and into her current living arrangement just how lonely she could be.

She chats to me a lot you know but try as I might I can’t talk back. I may be stuck to her but I can’t respond to her, as I’d like.

She worries me but I know I am a comfort to her. She has pets and I love pets. We get along just fine the dog and her two cats. My best party trick was to actually concentrate enough one-day to move the dog’s ball. I think I was more amazed than anyone. The dog just trotted off after it.

My next big adventure is to see if I can leave the country when she does. I know she is planning to in the near future. But as I am attached to her maybe I’ll just tag along. Same as I’ve always done.

I’ve watched her of late and noticed that there is a change in her. She’s found love. I remember love as I found it once all those years ago. A terrifying exhilaration I’ve heard her refer to it as. I’ve smiled at the skip in her step, the look of expectation in her eyes each morning, the smiles I see, which have been rare, these past ten years or so.

She’s happy, and she doesn’t have to say it to me for me to know.

So whatever this new happiness is, I pray its right for her, but to her credit I see she is not rushing into anything. Each day she is enthralled and captivated by whatever it is that has grasped her.

I don’t understand any of this technology she uses. But it’s making her happy and I rejoice in that. I just hope she feels ok with me coming along wherever it may be. After all I don’t have any choice. Though I am beginning to enjoy the prospect of travel.


Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/tale-weavers-prompt12-ghosts/

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19 Responses to Tale Weaver’s Prompt#12 – Ghosts – Gabe.

  1. now I didn’t know how I felt about this whether spooky or sweet? lol…i dont know kinda creepy to me….I wouldn’t want a ghost friendly or not stalking me, great words though 🙂

  2. She is settling where she belongs. Interesting story.

  3. This is such a charming tale Michael!

  4. JackieP says:

    Great story Michael. Gabe sounds quite pleasant and friendly. I wouldn’t mind having him around. 😉

  5. Ah, what a lovely story…tell me you just may…you are going to consider continuing this story. What a nice ghost/guy…friend….I could not help but be reminded of the nice relationship between The Ghost and Mrs. Muir years ago. I really enjoyed this story, Michael:)

  6. Bastet says:

    What a lovely ghostly chronicle!

  7. RoSy says:

    Awww…What a sweet ghost story. 🙂

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