Photo Challenge #3 “Hidden Door” – Patience.


I wanted to ask, inquire, request?

But the block, barriers you’d erected

Are not easily negotiated.


They said you are difficult

Remote, distant, are compliments

Mysterious and enigmatic are givens.


I am questioning my pursuit of you

Am I desperate, needy, stupid?

I fear I am locked into you.


Speaking to you, was such an effort

Your eyes betrayed your curiosity

My words bouncing off you.


Beneath your removed exterior

As beautiful as it is, yet impenetrable

There lies a generous and kind soul.


I know as I have seen you in action

Your response to disaster, you put in

When you thought no one was noticing.


Its at people you have issues

For people no problem, you’re saintlike

But to me you are closed, shut down.


I am determined to stay with you

I see you for the good person you are

An asset, even if you can’t see it.


So maintain your guard, your key hidden

I will continue my vigil, outside looking in

For patience is a virtue.


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13 Responses to Photo Challenge #3 “Hidden Door” – Patience.

  1. JackieP says:

    It sounds to me like you will need plenty of patience here. Really good Michael.

  2. Patience is something I could certainly work on. Fabulous =)

  3. Sometimes we need the patience of a Saint, but some are worth the wait, at times being locked into their spell can be worth it. Very good M.

  4. This is beautiful, Michael…patient and determined…a person who is truly genuine and loyal…wow!!

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