Prattlinsofanirishman – Tackas’ Blog Launch


Tackas’ First Post

In launching Tackas’ blog, Prattlinsofanirishman, it is my great pleasure to have been chosen as the launching pad for his new blog.

If you have followed Tackas and his tales on my blog you would be familiar with the very unique way in which he expresses himself.

To put you all in the picture with him I quote from his ‘About’  page:

My name is Shaun Tackan and this is my blog…….. I was born in O’Shanessy Street, in Loughrea, the second son to Mary Tackan and Patrick Tackan, my dad was best described to me by my mam as a complete waste of feckin space…….

Please offer me your comments on my work, as I am a beginning blogger and only doing it, as I want to improve meself.

If my words offend, or you don’t see any point in reading further then I suggest you go and feck off and not waste yours or my time.

So to launch Tackas’ into blog land I am happy to present his first poem in what I am sure he would like to think will be a long and poetic career.

Me Mam.

Born into a poor household

She learned to do, so much with her hands

A lady of great talent

Gifted in language

It was always feck this feck that.

She did away with me dad

I never quite knew what she meant by that

But he was never in my life, only mam.

She made our home a loving one

There was always laughter and joy

She made sure we always were fed

She loved cooking, she’d gather us

Around the table, singing song,

Telling stories, listening to our tales

Of school and the learning we were

Trying to harness in our feeble minds.

She was never short on encouraging.

Me brother and I received the best from her

She defended us to the hilt,

She beat up a teacher one day, so she said.

We always got good grades.

She lived a full life

We never did without, surrounded by her love

We are who we are, all her doing,

In the end she died, she suffered,

She loved;

The bravest woman I know.

Me Mam.

Tackas in beginning his blogging career will be happy to feature on any  blog as a guest blogger.  All and any invitations of that kind can be left in the comments section below.

In the interests of promoting Tackas’ career in blogging he will respond to all comments, he will need the practice.

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38 Responses to Prattlinsofanirishman – Tackas’ Blog Launch

  1. Well Tackas I am pleased to make your acquaintance. This is a lovely poem your wrote for your Mam, straight front the heart…so a good place to start. Hope you meet some wonderful new people as you begin this adventure into blog land 😉 bit shall perhaps have to do an interview with you, just to let the readers get to know you a little better..hmm what say you?

    • Please get Michael to correct some spelling errors, I’m on the IPad in the dark!!

      • Who the feck is this Michael unless you’d be referring to wintersmickey……the poor lad can barely write his name let alone spell…..whereas me i made to year 6 all on me own I did…..and I can tie shoelaces….

    • Dear Mrs Ramblingsfromamum, what sort of feckin name do you call that, opps Sorry I said I’d behave on whats his names blog…an interview you be saying well why not, I’ve obviously made a big impression straight up Mrs…..what the feck you call yourself…..oopps sorry again…….just leave us a contact and well be in touch…..I’m feeling might chuffed already…..You don’t know a good friend of mine Runninfrommedad do you?

  2. Greetings from the professor! There is a lot of Punchyish nature going on here! That means it’s dadblame good you know. BUT just how Punchyish are you???

    • Ah greetin’s back at Professor, wow my first blog and a professor comments, I think I should be feckin flattered I think I should.
      ‘Punchyish’? Not talkin’ fists are ye? No thought not. I’m a simple man Professor with a simple mind ya might be needin’ to explain the Punchline…..that was a joke, me Irish humour you know….

  3. Sorry I misunderstood clearly! The guy whose blog you are on needs to correct my spelling… I shall be in touch for the interview, you do sound an interesting…err…character… Chuffed you say, an Irish term? I always thought that to be English myself, but I could be wrong. SonShaun may I call you that? You can call me Mrs Rambly or mums, I will overlook your profanity as you are Irish and that what you do, so all is well. No I don’t know runninfrommedad, or I may and have forgotten him…. Well it’s late in Australia, I must get to bed have a busy morning. Take care.

    • So Shaun, not sonshaun ffs!

    • Dear Mrs Rambly so glad to have cleared up the feckin name thing with you, actually yuo and Runninfrommedad would probably make a good team with ya feckin impossible names…sorry…oppps…yes chuffed is an irish term, straight out of the …..bog….see I’m getting better with me feckin profanities….opps…I look forward to the interview…you will see I’m more than interestin’ I can tell you, you know…wink wink….
      Call me Tackas, only me mam called me Shaun.

  4. Bastet says:

    Now this is a great beginning for a new blogger if I’ve ever seen one…great to see you direct like and not just through Michael’s (Uhm Summerstommy’s) stories…If I can figure out how one does a guest blog, I’d be happy to host you!

    • Dear Bastet, what a beautiful name for a beautiful lady, I’m Irish we say tings like that. I’d be happy fur sure to be a guest blogger for ya. I’ll get young wintersmickey onta the job soon and I’ll be in tooch. Tank ya kindly for the wonderful welcome to be sure.

  5. Tina J.S says:

    Sounds like a cool blog 🙂

  6. RoSy says:

    I’m a fan of yours – Tackas – & have been since Michael introduced you on his blog.
    I would happily have you as a guest blogger on
    I’ve never had a guest blogger. You will be my first! 🙂

    • Dear Ms RoSy, what an honour, what an honour, to be on your blog, you of all people, wintersmickey has talked about ya to me, Tank ya so such I’ll be in touch with ya.
      And ya me first fan, I have had such a wonderful day in the blog land.

  7. Great to see Tackas will be pursuing his blogging aims – happy to have him guest blog on mine at some occasion. I love the heartfelt but still irreverent poem!! 🙂 🙂

  8. Lyn says:

    Dear Tackas, first of all, let me say, I love your accent! My Gran (I never met her) on my Mum’s side was Irish. Her name was Brigid McPherson (named after the Saint of Kildare) and the big mystery in our family is that her husband was either murdered, or murdered someone else.
    I’m looking forward with great interest to reading your blog. I’ll be sure to stick earplugs in my ears so I don’t hear your fruity language if you use it. All the very best for the future.

    • Dear Lyn, ya Gran would be proud of ya, ya Granda maybe hopes ya’d forget the whole sorry business. Tanks fur the good wishes I’ll be sure to keep the feckin language to a feckin minimum when I knows ya’ll be round…opps …feck! I said it again….

  9. Anja says:

    Much better than the Prattlinsofascottishman
    Nice to “meet” you Tackas

  10. Pleased to meet you, Shaun. Enjoyed that poem if your mam…my mam took care of my mom and sister too. My great grandad comes from Bally Bunion, Ireland.

    • Dear Ms Traces…….what?…oh wintersmickey says to call you Oliana, so i hope tha’st ok with ya. Tank ya fur ya comment, please call me Tackas, every other feck does. Bally Bunion ya say, oh well you cant help that now can ya..Tanks for liking me poem about me mam, she was a goodun I tell ya.

  11. Miss Lou says:

    Wonderful to meet you Shaun aka Tackas! I’m Lou. I’m a bit of a blogging slacker and usually busy so you wont get to see me much no doubt!

    I’m not sure it is appropriate, but I was giggling so much I almost peed myself when you said the word ‘feck’ – immediate visions of Mrs Browns Boys and OH MY GOODNESS!!! *howling with Laughter*

    On a more serious note, the poem was brilliant. Somewhat saddening as I reflecting on my own mother, who has passed, and who found life so very difficult at times, though always did her best.

    You are a poet and story teller extraordinaire in the making – and I base this entirely on the fact that your words pushed me into my own thoughtful considerations about experiences in my own life.

    Thank you


    • Tank ya so much now Lou, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the responses taday to me poem. I surprised me feckin’ self all the time I tell ya. But I got young wintersmickey to help me so as limited as the poor sod is, like me own mam he’s doin his best. Lovely ta meet cha Lou, drop by another time I got me poems up.

      • Miss Lou says:

        #YayBananas – and can hardly wait! Tackas, have you got your own Twitter account?


      • Ah now Miss Lou you’d be expecting a bit too much about the twitter thing, it’s taken feckin years for me to figure out this feckin computer business. And the feckin wintersmickey is only allocating me one day a week. I got poems comin out me arse and he’s holdin me back, so I have other bloggers offering fur me ta be guest blogger. I’ll get em out there one way tor other.

      • Miss Lou says:

        *rollin on the floor in fits of giggles*



      • Ah it’s good ya can have a laugh now and again Lou. Laughin keeps ya young, that’s what I think any old way.

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