Prompt 37 Unavoidable Pain


I awoke to your message

My attention, you called for,

You needed my ear, my shoulder.

I watched and listened as you recounted

Your tale of woe, betrayal, deception

Words of desolation flowing from you.

I saw your pain, your anger,

Realised too late

You had been used and discarded.

I watched your tears flow

Your humiliation complete

All trust and honour pillaged.

I reached out as you cried,

My shoulder, dripping with your grief.

Your heart decimated.

Your emotions had led you

To places your heart craved

To be loved, wanted, needed, desired.

Your heart has told you, it was a sham

Nothing was ever to eventuate

The narcissist had struck.

Your unavoidable pain,

Wretchedly swelling inside

But revenge lost on a blind perpetrator.

I felt your pain, your anger,

I held you in those dreadful moments

Of despair and loss.

I wanted to be the one who led your revenge

To strike out, damage, injure and hurt

The unfeeling proponent of your pain.

But my role was standing by you

Holding your hand, wiping your tears,

You knowing, I am here, just for you.

Written for mindlovemisery’s Prompt 37, Unavoidable Pain

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25 Responses to Prompt 37 Unavoidable Pain

  1. “My shoulder, dripping with your grief.” loved this line Michael. Gorgeous emotional write, you have really captured vulnerability and misery and friendship as well

  2. Lyn says:

    This was beautifully written, Michael. filled with both grief and compassion.

  3. are you talking cricket??? I agree with Yves..that my shoulder line is very very good Michael.
    How we want to heal the wrongs of others on those we know, yet at times it is not our battle to be faught. Just to be there, to comfort as you have so well written about. You took the prompt and ran with it.

  4. Al says:

    That’s awesome

  5. So heartfelt, capturing pain and the angst a true friend feels when truly being tbere is your role. Nicely done, Michael.

  6. Bastet says:

    So sad for your friend…and yet, it was good for her that you were there. Really heart felt poem…well done!

  7. Anja says:

    Very powerful and emotional. I expect this prompt will pull out a lot of that from all of us. Wonderful and I am lucky enough to be a friend of yours…I know what a heart you have. I know I am lucky to have our friendship.

  8. Wonderful poem – I so know that feeling of wanting to take up revenge for another but also knowing that you can’t, the best you can do is support – really well expressed! 🙂 🙂

  9. RoSy says:

    Great emotion in this poem.
    Sometimes an ear & a shoulder is worth the world to comfort a sorrowful heart.

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