My Last Teacher Post

2013-12-18 07.26.01

Thank you

for investing belief and responsibility in me.

Thank you

for the creative freedom and fulfillment you have allowed me.

Thank you

for the opportunities and successes you have granted me.

Thank you

for the boundaries and resilience you ingrained in me.

Thank you

for continually supporting me these last few years and for doing all you could to make my school days a little easier and more enjoyable.

I’ll never forget how you made school a more lively place with our little waves in the corridor – It’s funny how the little things can sometimes be the most important things!

Thank you

for being an incredible year advisor – we couldn’t have scored anyone better.

Thank you

for all the hard work you put into the school camps and your advice when problems were discussed.

Thank you

for the amazing two and a bit years.

Thank you

Mr G for being the best drama teacher in the world

Thank you

for being such an incredible teacher.

Thank you

for helping me develop in drama,

Thank you

You’re the kind of teacher who is irreplaceable and will be sorely missed.

Thank you,

you are the best teacher I have ever had and I will miss you so much.

Thank you

for everything, you’re amazing.

Thank you,

For the help and direction you gave me when I felt lost in dealing with my son.

Thank you

for the help and advice.

Thank you,

for the help you gave to my grandson and my family.

Thank you,

for the kindness and compassion you have continually shown to my daughter, she may not have stayed at school if it hadn’t been for you.


I want to say thank you

even though there is no way

it can be enough.


The above lines are taken from the cards and letters I have received this week.

This is the last post I shall make re: me being a teacher. I think posting this and writing this is part of my coming to terms with what I have achieved when I always thought I was just doing my job. Thank you for your patience in allowing me this self indulgence.

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14 Responses to My Last Teacher Post

  1. Gabriella says:

    Very nice lines, Michael! Your students seem both grateful and articulate. I hope you are very proud of your archievements. Well done!

  2. Al says:

    It shows how much you made an impact on these kids. What an excellent teacher you have been. If you weren’t, there would have been none of this. I have seen teachers leave with nothing from the kids. Just a cheer when they have gone. A teacher like you is a rarity.


  3. Tearjerkers in the best of all possible ways!! Well done!!!! 🙂 🙂

  4. RoSy says:

    In summary…They are saying thank you for being YOU 😉

  5. I just snuck in – indulge away you deserve it 🙂

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