Poem 49


so true are your words

I blush sometimes at your perception

the vision you have, so fine and so in tune

with where you think I am at

my scatteredness

my prattle, which takes up air space

for that is all it often is

a taking up of precious space

of moments in time

you either reach for and take

or let slip by

like you really don’t care

or you shouldn’t go there.

we are but human and we are destined to fall

say the wrong thing

stuff up on a daily basis

but those are often endearing in a bizarre way

and we look for them

we seek them

those identifying remarks

that may us cringe one day

and rejoice in each other another.

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8 Responses to Poem 49

  1. it is all those little endearing qualities that attracts or sometimes get’s us cross, but that is who we are and for others to like or enjoy them – makes us smile

  2. Gabriella says:

    The people who love us best are the ones to whom all our aspects of our personality are endearing. Which does not mean they are blind, just that they love us enough to see beyond the weaknesses.

    • Exactly, I have often said that the qualities we possess can both irritate the life out of our loved ones and at the same time be our most endearing qualities. Good to hear from you.

  3. Those who really love us, love us despite all our imperfections – perhaps love us *in* our imperfections!
    This is a wonderful poem, Michael.

  4. PookyH says:

    I love this…. I’m with Jen – I definitely find that, depending on my mood, I can find my husband’s eccentricities either mildly irritating or utterly endearing. Great words as always.

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