Poem 47


It came as a shock

Cut off in mid sentence

Shocking news


How would I cope?

How would you cope?

Would tomorrow even dawn?

I looked into your eyes

I saw the sorrow

The pain

Tears were all that were expressed

Then you broke away


Anywhere you said

Just not here.

The crowded platform a place to hide

Lost among strangers

No one noticed

And played a game within your mind

Of escape and rescue

Would I chase?

Would I be your knight?

Only fools think that

It’s you who must act

Make decisions

Live by them.

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18 Responses to Poem 47

  1. Hmmm how we choose our path and then have to live with it, though I did feel sorry for her in a way. Nicely penned my friend.

  2. Bastet says:

    I like the flow of this poem…though I couldn’t tell where it was going. Your reply to the comment below clears a lot up…ah…the “games” of love, so devastating, so sad for the one who has to play the role of decision maker.

  3. This is just agonizing and dramatic wow

  4. Very interesting – I read it completely wrongly given the comments, didn’t see the manipulation,just the drama and didn’t pick it was a romantic sort of backstory – not that this lessens the poem in any way, quite the opposite – it shows it can work on many levels. I did get that she was playing the victim to some extent, but it also felt like the issue was genuine to me. 🙂

  5. RoSy says:

    I never get the playing games in a relationship. This is why I don’t understand cheating either. Some things about relationships I just don’t get.

  6. PookyH says:

    This could have been me as a grown up kid. I felt very vulnerable and probably tested my various boyfriends in this way. Desperately needing to know if they’d rescue me. Always thinking I wasn’t worth rescuing.

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