Sunday Photo Fiction – Hulk


I am reminded of a ship I once saw in the little bay at Rhodes. It lay there rotting and over the years I noticed the continuing deterioration of this once majestic vessel.

I asked myself on more than one occasion why it was that this boat was left to rot.

Surely at some point it was a much loved craft, capable of riding the seas in all weather, capable of carrying cargo, of transporting people, and even of saving the lives of others.

I once stopped by the waters edge and looked closely at its hull that bobbed about in the water. There was just a shell now; it was imagination that conjured up images of majesty and finery.

I looked it up one day in the archives; the name it went by was the ‘Bass Explorer’. It had once been a trader along the east coast and down into Tasmania. It crossed Bass Strait innumerable times and now no longer in commission was left to decay, and eventually sink. Which I thought was a better end to its life than the fate of others, which were set alight, and left to burn to the water line.

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20 Responses to Sunday Photo Fiction – Hulk

  1. Al says:

    At least it was still there for people to see it. I like this story

  2. Anja says:

    Be a new home to sea life 🙂 Wonderful story.

  3. Steve Lakey says:

    I think it’s always sad to see things left to decay, whether buildings, vehicles or boats. This is a great take on the photo prompt.

  4. Nice take on the prompt Michael. I think the sinking is kinder to the sea creatures, but I do enjoy seeing ‘things’ burn on water – perhaps I have watched too many Viking shows 🙂

  5. Isadora Duncan said there is beauty in truth even in the truth of decay, the elegance of your writing makes me think of that. At the same time the piece makes me sad

  6. Great story and great piece of writing, Sir ST2.
    But is AnElephant being too contradictory if he says he kinda likes the old Viking funeral end to things, rather than the slow wasting away?
    Just one view, not looking for a rammy!

    • Thank you Sir Elephant, there is merit in what you say as that would eliminate the slow sad demise of the vessel I wrote about.Rammy?

      • Punch-up, fracas, affray, set-to, barney, skirmish, square go, conflict, scrap, you know, a bit of a dust up!
        Don’t tell me the Aussies don’t have a million words for a wee battle?

      • Oh you mean a right stoush, now I understand. Thank you Sir Elephant as I set out each day to learn something new my days mission is accomplished and so early in the day. And no good sir it would never come to a rammy, I’d just irritate you enough for you to agree with me…lol

  7. RoSy says:

    Nice take on the prompt Michael.
    A reminder of what once was…

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