Ligo Haibun Challenge – Apathy



I sit looking at my life. It is a small bundle of unkempt promises and half realized plans. A lot of gonna’s mixed with a plethora of maybe’s.  There is a mess of emotions, a tangle of regrets and a lose of faith. Faith in you, faith in me and I can’t muster the strength to move either way. I am happy, if you and anybody wants to ride over me. Leave me as I wallow in my own misery too tired to do anything other.

Misery to soak in

Self-administered everyday

Should I, maybe, no.

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24 Responses to Ligo Haibun Challenge – Apathy

  1. Anja says:

    Oh Apathy….at least you cared enough to write the apathy haibun. lol

  2. very apathetic piece and I have retrieved my violin to play along side you 🙂

  3. I feel tired just reading this……… zzzzzzzz
    Very good – the haiku is excellent!

  4. Couldn’t be any more apathy than this.

  5. Penny L Howe says:

    Since those commenting are being so playful, I will also. Most effectively apathethic, passionately dispassionate! Your haibun and haiku – a pleasure to read Michael! 🙂

  6. Boy, that Ashes series has really left you guys flat, eh?
    Great work here, mate.

    • summerstommy2 says:

      What are you on about Sir elephant as if we give a rats about that……..the Nation is in mourning…….bloody Poms
      Thanks for your comment, I like your sense of humour even if it cuts me to the quick!!!

  7. nightlake says:

    listlessness best explained:)

  8. powerfully poignant or poignantly powerful. Either way, I don’t care. Oh well….:-)

  9. Sun says:

    wow, who rained on your parade? like, seriously, i feel totally bummed out. good thing i brought the ☼ to cheer everyone up. 🙂
    love your haibun offering!! ♥

  10. Sarah Ann says:

    I was feeling quite upbeat before reading this. 😉 Seriously, we can all get here sometimes, it’s when we can’t climb out the pit we have problems.

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Hello sarah Ann, the haibun is an exploration of the word Apathy. Thankfully I can really get out of my own way. Thanks for the comment, please call again.

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