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FFfAW Challenge – Week of August 9, 2016 – Jake

On Jake’s tenth birthday his mum said it was time for him to play a team sport. They joined him up with the local under twelve team. As Jake was the youngest and smallest he was relegated to goalkeeper. To … Continue reading

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#Maydays Prompt – Flying without Wings

Today’s #maydays prompt may your character take a flight, a fall or a leap (real or metaphorical). It wasn’t a matter of taking to the skies But one of confidence and belief Of knowing you could fly Achieve the height Most … Continue reading

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Creative Expressions #11: Point of view – The Tupperware Cupboard

This week, as a learning exercise to help understand point of view, I challenge you to write the same story from two perspectives. Choose two main characters, one settings, and one mini plot. Write two stories, one for each character. Maggie and Ben discuss … Continue reading

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