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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #91 – Crisp’s Shadow

 Crisp my aged companion, was not happy. “Look at me,” she said, “look at the shadow I’m casting, have I let myself go?” I replied to her that it was an unfortunate angle the sun was at and that she … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #194 – The Painful Truth

Image: Jeff Simpson They said she was a level-headed dancer Given to exaggeration and deceit. Aloof and indecisive a woman of mystery a puzzle to us all. She spun us tales of wonder Of expeditions and exploits She liked nothing … Continue reading

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Whiteout Wednesday #9 –

She was the kind of woman who is infused with beauty and light and a loving reality emanating from an equally loving universe. She was the comfortable woman He was the kind of man tired, middle-aged, balding pushing a baby … Continue reading

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Creative Expressions #3: 2-word prompt (dust, bark) – Bull-dust

This week we are asked to use the words ‘bark’ and ‘dust’ in our story. There’s a lot of bull dust in my life. You might say my bark is worse than my bite. Then again those who know me … Continue reading

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