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Tale Weaver – #239 – Flowers – 6th September – Miss Marble’s Garden.

Miss Marble, a witch, at 46 Grimace Street, was sitting on her front veranda with her long-time friend and neighbour Mansur Stigglefod taking in the afternoon and casting an eye over her garden. Life had been so busy of late … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #268 – Alice Munns

Alice Munns is up early, She’s out in her garden Tending to the many plants, she fosters. Each is known to her, She chats away to them Encouraging, singing at times. Alice Munns is proud of her garden Her blooms … Continue reading

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Twittering Tales #109 – 6 November 2018

Gran placed fresh flowers every day beside the last image she had of Grandad. She said he loved flowers, she felt an obligation to honour him in that way. We puzzled over what she saw. Grandad had been dead years, … Continue reading

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Mr Marsden Part 2

Jimmy Main had a sister Ayls Main who was a year younger than her brother but equally curious. Ayls had been home sick the day Jimmy had met with Mr Marsden, and a week later she was back walking to … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt – Window #writephoto

Through the front window I can see a fairy in the garden. She’s out there among the nasturtiums. She doesn’t know I can see her but the window allows me to see what others cannot. I’m watching her as she … Continue reading

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Wot I Shot Wednesday

Well Christmas is over and Bunder is back in hibernation until next Christmas and outside the sun shines brightly. So here are some shots of my Christmas flowers, all Australian native flowers and my tomato vines are bursting with goodness … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver #145 – The Roadside Vendor – November 9th – Cyril Rum’s Morning Walk

Photo credit: © Adventures in the Wild Cyril Rum, Angel on sabbatical, had long been intrigued by his neighbour Mildred Thrup’s claim of the wonderful Market vendors on the edge of town. He’d observed her coming home with bags full … Continue reading

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