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Envy: Ernest Winston-Jones – Part One

Ernest was hanging by a finger over a drop that went a long way down. ‘This was it,’ he thought as rescue was out of the question. Just as he was about to let go a hand grabbed his wrist, … Continue reading

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FFfAW – Week of 09-22-2015 – Miss Molly

Miss Molly was pleased to be once again out in the garden plying her limited but satisfying artistic skills. As proprietor of Miss Molly’s One-Stop Erotica Shop, open Thursdays – Sunday, she was always happy to get away from the … Continue reading

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Wordle #71 “July 27, 2015″ – Joey Dogsbody

This week’s words to play with: Streetwise Ganglion (a mass of nerve tissue existing outside the central nervous system, Pathology: a cyst or enlargement in connection with the sheath of a tendon, usually at the wrist. a center of intellectual or industrial force, activity, … Continue reading

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FFfAW Week of 04-01-2015 – Clowns-Are-Us

It was a day of great excitement and anticipation. The opening of Clowns-Are-Us. Bozo and Fruitfly had reasoned it was time clowns were given a better rap than was being seen of late with clowns being accused of all manner … Continue reading

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