Crimson’s Creative Challenge #171 – Lunch

Will I or won’t I was the question?

The catch looked so scrumptiously delicious.

To gobble it up or savour it a tad longer?

It had after all been a while between feeds.

It wasn’t every day you came across something so tempting and the desire to devour it so overwhelming you knew you’d be feeling let down if all you did was swallow it in one go.

The thought that the worm was here in this world as food gave me solace, as we were all had a purpose and the worm was food for any number of creatures, I just happened to be the lucky one.

It didn’t appear to object to its intended fate, just accepted that this was how it was. It lay there motionless; baking in the sun, crunching up the way I liked them.

I found myself saying grace, giving thanks, I flicked it into my mouth and it was gone.

Just like that.

Now is there another?

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8 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #171 – Lunch

  1. Patricia says:

    Life is like how the bird looks at the worm. We want it all right now, but would like to savor it too, but that takes time. The dilemma of living.

  2. Sadje says:

    Just like that the worm is gone! Yes, this is how life works.

  3. Michael, ah, I love it, so so do. Making me chuckle. Yet what a fantastic observation on life, Well done, you 🙂

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