Crimson’s Creative Challenge #165 – Uncle Seth

She asked me what the photo reminded her of.

It’s a seal.

It reminds me of a lazy oaf. Like my Uncle Seth.

She claimed he’d made laziness an art form.

Seth sat about the house demanding his mother’s attention-getting her to run here and there. Never seemed able to lift a finger to help himself. Though it never stopped us from giving him the finger. When we did he’d complain to mum that we were mean to him and she’d then tell us off. She said he was delicate and wasn’t able to do like the rest of us.

But we knew different. We’d seen him reach the top shelf, run to get the mail and leer at us in contempt. He was very unpleasant and I was glad when they came and arrested him for things we never spoke of.

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6 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #165 – Uncle Seth

  1. Sadje says:

    He must’ve been a bad guy to get arrested.

  2. Wow, love this, Michael. Though perhaps a disservice to the seal 🙂

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