Photo Challenge #391 – Spirals

My life has been a series of spirals.

In the beginning, it was full of promise,

The whole world was there for the taking.

As I look back I wish I had taken more of it.

I lived in a small community,

My town was my life.

Very little interest happened outside of it.

In fact, the outside world was more held in fear than awe.

As a result, my life went in circles. Around I went oblivious to the fact that’s what I was doing, never noticing it was my tail I was chasing.

In between childhood and adolescence, I gravitated in a dream world where so much of what I took in was a mystery.

In my teenage years, I began to fanaticise, mostly about girls whom I found puzzling and so far above me as human beings, not subject to the same urgings of the flesh.

Later in life I discovered they were subject to urgings of the flesh, just different ones to me.

After school I went back home. Lived with mum and dad until forced out by employment in a distant town.

Employment took me to places new and situations different.

But eventually, it was back home I went.

Aging parents, sudden deaths, growing children, and so I was once again back where I started.

Then marriage became unbearable so to my family home I went. And stayed.

It’s odd when you think of life in such a way. You stumble from one dream to another but each one is rooted in one spot.

The spirals are shrinking,


Soon there will be little wiggle room, you might say.

But I’m still fascinated when I reach the apex of each spiral as to where it might plunge me to next.

It’s about learning, isn’t it?

Like writing this little piece!

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7 Responses to Photo Challenge #391 – Spirals

  1. Sadje says:

    A thought provoking perspective Michael.

  2. rugby843 says:

    It seems the pandemic gives us more time to reflect

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Hi Michael. Loved your thoughts on this one.

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