Crimson’s Creative Challenge #158 – The Seat of All Wisdom

“It’s the seat of all wisdom.”

“Are you sure?”

“You know I am always right. Just look at it. Many a bottom has perched upon it and many a splinter has inserted itself in said bottom. That act alone is the source of wisdom, is it not?”

“It’s a painful way to acquire wisdom.”

“That is the point, wisdom comes from experience. A splinter in the bottom is enough to remind you the next time you sit on such a seat that a splinter could be a stinging outcome. So you are now wise to the fact and circumspect when you contemplate sitting on one such seat.”

“I’d still like one. It would look good in the garden. All that ornate carving and what have you.”

“Isn’t it enough that you hate splinters and that I would delight in extracting one from your sorry bottom?”

“Yes, good point.”

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14 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #158 – The Seat of All Wisdom

  1. lifelessons says:

    Or.. you could simply take a pillow with you!

  2. Sadje says:

    Haha! Good take Michael

  3. As so often you do, you’ve infected me with gentle chuckles. Love it, Michael

  4. Lyn says:

    I’d love a chair like that in my garden – splinters could soon be taken care of with a light sanding 😁

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