Tale Weaver – #312 – Making Sense of Nonsense – January28th

At the recent Grimster’s Convention it was agreed that lanmiters would no longer be allowed.

 It was a sad day for many. Since time began, lanmiters had been part of the Grimster’s lifestyle.

No one liked change, and for the Grimster’s it wasn’t an easy decision to take on.

After all, argued some of the younger Grimsters, it was the twenty-first century, and in an age of political correctness, it was time to let go of some of the more dodgy practices.

Lanmiters was an initiation rite, held to welcome mature Grimsters. It was felt it was overly intimidating, and there had been an argument over many years that it was an out of date practice.

Many argued it was part of tradition. Every Grimster expected to go through the lanmiter experience.

You see Grimsters were a very hairy race. The married males wore black capes with a red collar, the unmarried males a black cape with a green collar, while the unmarried females wore a blue cape and the married female Grimsters a navy blue cape.

Each Grimster had seven appendages on their body which could be impressive or not depending on your opinion.

When came the time for lanmiters; the Grimsters would discard their capes, spend some considerable time preening themselves and in particular their respective appendages. The new candidate would be expected to walk down between the assembled Grimsters observing and being impressed by what he/she saw.

A lot of effort was put into the Grimster’s initiation; it took time and effort, and time away from the important work they did.

Times were changing, and their work was growing in importance, and who had the urge to give up a days work for the sake of a good preening, it was after all self-indulgence.

Grimsters emitted light. Three of their appendages, when activated emitted light that was used to light up their world.

They worked each day in shifts, creating a light that without them would result in a dark, dank world.

Their convention had always contained at least one or two cases of lanmiters, but now that would be a thing of the past.

As compensation, there would be a time set aside at each convention for each Grimster to show off their powerful self.

A light show like no other.

The response was standing room only.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2021/01/28/tale-weaver-312-making-sense-of-nonsense-january28th/

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4 Responses to Tale Weaver – #312 – Making Sense of Nonsense – January28th

  1. This is great Michael.

  2. Sadje says:

    Remarkable imagination Michael

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