Crimson’s Creative Challenge #109 – the Beach.

When I rounded the beachhead I wasn’t sure what I was seeing.

I had longed to see and feel the beach.

Not those European ones with pebbles but one with sand and rolling waves.

But this beach was in one way what I sought, but in other ways it represented all that I disliked about the modern age.


Abandoned cars, refuse, not the sort of thing the ocean deposited but man made by people who cared little for the environment only that it served their selfish purposes.

You can’t have everything, I thought to myself.

We live in a disposable world, we dump things we no longer need, we don’t repair anything, as it’s often cheaper to buy a new one.

I moved away from the offending garbage and found a spot where there was just me and the vast expanse of the ocean.

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8 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #109 – the Beach.

  1. Sadje says:

    It’s so true that we live in a disposable world. Very good take Michael

  2. Ah, so you’ve decided the car was dumped? Truly, I don’t know how it got there. So many possible stories.

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