#Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge #2 Anticipation

Hitchcock was right.

The anticipation of what is to come or what might come can be terrifying or in my case, just plain worrying.

With Christmas just a few weeks away there is always the anticipation of the weather we will probably expect over the Christmas period.

Living in the southern hemisphere, we are in summer. We describe as being stinking hot or just pleasant.

We would like it to be pleasant, a southerly breeze, overcast, maybe rain even but more likely it will be hot, maybe oppressively hot (stinking hot), humid and a good recipe for raised tempers.

Thankfully these days we have air conditioning, but that wasn’t always the case. When I was a kid, it was a matter of accepting the weather as ‘this is what its like at Christmas’.

We were influenced greatly by the British traditions of Christmas. Our Christmas cards all had snow, Christmas trees and a rotund, jovial Santa.

Our mothers cooked a hot baked dinner, and we thought nothing of the ordeal they went through to maintain the ‘tradition’ of Christmas.

Nowadays it’s different, at least for me. The anticipation of Christmas Day is one of the gathering of family, eating as many cold cuts as we can afford and no one doing any cooking, for that only heats up the house.

Even so, everyone anticipates Christmas being a hot day, so much of our festivity is done indoors. There is a great sense of relief when it turns out much.

I liked this quote from Hitchcock, as we collectively watch the weather to see what the forecast will be. But no matter if it’s a stinker or not, we still celebrate, we still come together we put up with what the weather brings us, after all, it is Christmas, and that event is always greater than what the weather might throw at us.

Written for: https://tchistorygal.net/2020/12/09/writers-quotes-wednesday-writing-challenge-2-anticipation/

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4 Responses to #Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge #2 Anticipation

  1. I never really appreciated the effort (cost or headaches) my parents put in to make Christmas so wonderful for us kids. As an adult bringing up a family, although not mine directly, I tried to introduce some of the magic and traditions I’d experienced. It didn’t always work.
    Christmas is different now, better rather than bitter and relaxed rather than strained. Hubby and I have fun………. and not a kid in sight! Happy holidays Michael.

  2. Sadje says:

    I never knew you were in the Southern Hemisphere. Happy holidays. Enjoy

  3. Marsha says:

    Michael, I visited an Australian blogger friend of mine over New Years three years ago. It was so so hot. We didn’t have tons of hot foods. The first week we went to Melbourne, which was slightly cooler, but only slightly except the beach. Thanks for sharing this article and having fun with the quote. Don’t you love Hitchcock? So I wish you a cool Christmas and you can wish us a rainy one. 🙂 I moved from one desert to another. 🙂

  4. I hope yours isn’t too hot. Just as I hope ours isn’t too cold. 🙂

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