Thursday photo prompt: Darkness #writephoto

It hadn’t rained in so long the little kids were in danger of being terrified when it did come.

Each morning before breakfast, dad was up and looking at the forecast to see if there was any promise of rain. His downcast look told us the answer.

He’d sold a lot of the stock and shot a lot others as he was unable to keep them fed and I know those actions broke his heart.

So the day the dark clouds appeared on the horizon, and the weather was predicted to bring rain had him sitting on the veranda watching the build-up away to the south as that was the direction our weather came from.

By mid-morning, it had become unusually dark. Dad had a call from a neighbouring property to say rain was falling and we all held our breaths hoping it could come our way.

By lunch time, the downpour had reached us. It was like the biblical story of manna from heaven. Within an hour the parched paddocks were awash, and little lakes appeared around the homestead.

Dad grabbed a towel and soap, jumped in the ute and drove down the track away from the house, stripped naked, and from the kitchen window, we could see a way in the distance dad’s bare bottom standing in the rain as he washed himself clean of the dirt and misery of the preceding months.

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12 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Darkness #writephoto

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    A lovely, hopeful resolution, Michael.

  2. Sadje says:

    Your story tells of hope and good things coming to those who wait patiently

  3. jenanita01 says:

    We could use a downpour at the moment, for the world is in need of a rinse!

  4. Practical and heavenly!

  5. I liked the way he drove away from the house when easiest wold have been to just stand in the yard

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