Crimson’s Creative Challenge 89 – Max’s Headroom

“Max must have been a tall chap,” said Crisp my aged companion gazing up at the sign.

“There’s no skin on it, so he must have ducked in time,” I replied not rising to the bait.

“A chucklesome situation don’t you think,” she asked.

“Very much so, you’ve got me chuckling, sometimes Crsip your wit is astounding,” I added knowing how much her ego would be soaking it up.

“I imagine Max to be a basketballer, that’s a game for giants,” she said. “I would think going through life being so tall had a few pitfalls. Like shoe size,” she added, “they tend to have big feet don’t they. My mother always said big feet meant big appetites.”

As always the mention of food had my stomach gurgling.

“Morning tea?” I asked.

“Lead on good sir.”

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11 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge 89 – Max’s Headroom

  1. Sadje says:

    Love your take on the photo. Max!!!

  2. That goes with the photo perfectly.

  3. Love the dialogue, the exchange. And I’m honoured that you’ve used my favourite word: Chucklesome

  4. Dang I had the same idea, but haven’t got round to writing it so far. Oh well I’ll have to have another think about it…

    • Michael says:

      We could put it down to great minds thinking alike, but I’m sure your take would be different to mine. Go with your first thought and see how it goes.

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