Crimson’s Creative Challenge 88 – Choices

 “It’s all about choice, isn’t it?” said Crisp as we wandered down the lane. “You know we go through life having to choose one way or another, up or down, to or fro, it’s never ending, isn’t it?”

Today was one of Crisp, my aging companion’s philosophizing days. She had these from time to time and often when I least expected it.

“I made a choice when I was 21 to go and see the world. It took me thirty years to realise it but here I am,” she said, pondering the road her life had travelled. It hadn’t been all plain sailing for her as she seemed to attract her fair share of misfortune from time to time.

Just yesterday, a truck had passed her as she waited to cross the road and had sprayed her with mud and slush from the puddle it drove through.

But Crisp saw it as one person’s muck, and another’s luck, at least I thought that’s what she said.

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7 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge 88 – Choices

  1. Nice. Made me chuckle

  2. Dale says:

    I love your ‘Crisp and You’ stories, Michael.

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