Sunday Writing Prompt – I was Amazed – 19th July

I left the fortune-teller’s booth full of scepticism after all who ever thought anyone would be told “You will leave this place and bump into a tall and beautiful woman who talks with a limp and walks with a lisp’?
Believe it or not, it happened.
I walked out into the fair grounds and bumped into a woman walking past. She muttered, so I thought, her apologies and I mine.
One thing led to another, a coffee, dinner and finally her bed and then mine.
It all happened so quickly I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.
She was beautifully tall, she had a slight speech impediment, and when she walked, she tended to drag her left leg.
It was hard to imagine how such a thing could happen to a guy like me.
I was overwhelmed with happiness and finally love for this beautiful woman.
Years later I still am, and I’m amazed the fortune-teller got it right.
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6 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – I was Amazed – 19th July

  1. Smacks of a true tale… or a long-held wish. Either way, sounds good

  2. Lyn says:

    Ummm got it right? Hmmm I think I need new spectacles 😀

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