Crimson’s Creative Challenge #68 – Crisp and things Modern.


“How quaint,” said Crisp my aged companion as we wandered along in the newer part of the town.

I could see how her attention was piqued as the town was more known for its history rather than its modern features.

“There’s a plaque,” I said, “that says it’s a link between the old and the new.”

“Well that’s a good thing,” she announced, “God knows the place needs something.”

Crisp wasn’t one to hold back when it came to opinion. She had one for every situation. “I like the old best,” she said, “a bit like you, I couldn’t have stood the younger version of you. You’d have driven me nuts.”

“Thanks, “I said, “you would have done the same to me.”

“Rubbish, I was always loveable, you just had to look below my acerbic surface, and there lay perfection.”

I rolled my eyes and walked on.


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9 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #68 – Crisp and things Modern.

  1. Sadje says:

    A lady with decided opinions. Great story

  2. Crisp brings a smile to my lips this frosty morning. Thanks, Michael 🙂

  3. Violet Lentz says:

    For some reason that last quote from Crisp has a ring of authenticity!!

  4. Dale says:

    I love your Crisp stories… So much fun. And I agree with Violet… there feels a ring of authenticity to this 😉

  5. What a charming exchange. The word authentic… can I use it too?

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