Photo Challenge #299 – A Love You Deserve.


Image: – Araki Photograph Studio

I know you are there

The door, solid iron,

Impenetrable, firmly shut, locked

To keep out the undesirables

Including me, I have come to realise.

It’s all about protection, isn’t it?

For I know that beyond your self imposed security

There lies a world yet to be discovered and explored.

I understand the pain that has led you to this place

Blocking everything out

Even your loved ones.

For just a few fleeting seconds I glimpsed

Your world, the colour, the excitement,

The beauty and the freedom.

As precious as it is, you guard it diligently

And who could blame you

Apart from the reality of shielding you

From the prying eyes of those struggling

To know you

In offering you a love you deserve.


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6 Responses to Photo Challenge #299 – A Love You Deserve.

  1. Intrigued at the back story implied here 🙂

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