Crimson’s Creative Challenge #49 – It’s a Big One.


“It’s all a bit phallic,” said Crisp my aged companion.

“You think so?” I asked as once again I was struck by the lucidity of her comment. “I thought it was more about conquest.”

“Well that’s all true, but it’s a very boy thing, don’t you think?”

“I think its about achievement. In one way, the very carving is an example of the artist’s skill. I think taking a piece of wood and fashioning like this is marvellous.”

“I think he was showing off. ‘Look,’ he is saying, ‘I’ve got a big one’.”

“Well, at least the artist has kept his pants on. Plus, I’m not sure what it is he is holding.”

“Looks like an axe,” replied Crisp moving closer to get a better look,

She sighed for some reason and then said: “Let’s head off to the café they have a woman there a big scone.”


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6 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #49 – It’s a Big One.

  1. Chuckles galore on this one. You may tell Crisp, he’s holding the paddle for his phallic canoe. 🙂

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