Sunday Writing Prompt “Ugly Words” – Consequences.


The words stream from your mouth

Vitriol with no limit

Spewing forth, a vomit contaminating me,

Shredding my self-esteem

Shattering any speck of dignity.

The stench of the attack

Cuts me to the core

Leaving me a hollowed husk.

I cower in the corner of my mind

Powerless, paralysed with fear

All I can do is wait for you to tire.

When your tirade is exhausted

I am left alone

My mind working at nine to the dozen

I ask why?

You seem oblivious to any consequences

The desire to dominate far exceeds

Any understanding of what might be

The long-term results.

Love disappeared long ago

Replaced by the tantrums

The little hard done girl

Now in the body of an adult.

As I predicted you are alone

Deserted by those you should have nurtured

They avoid you, frustrated by your obstinacy,

But in true form, you have replaced them

Pseudo friends, pretending to be,

Subservient children.

You claim it was never your fault

‘They should have known,’

They are the selfish ones

And so the acrimonious vomit

Continues gushing,

The same stink, different flavour,

But consistent nevertheless.



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19 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “Ugly Words” – Consequences.

  1. A portrait of a truly toxic individual! Way to embrace the challenge

  2. Sadje says:

    Very heartfelt emotions. A portrait of a nasty person.

  3. Wow! That’s telling it.

  4. Excellent Michael. I have someone in mind who this fits quite well……………….!!

  5. Lyn says:

    So sad that there are some people like that – even sadder when it’s someone we know, Michael.

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