Sunday Writing Prompt “5 by 5” – Kevin the Squirrel


  1. A woodland creature to play a pivotal role in your creation
    2. A cartoon from your childhood
    3. A relative or close friend to participate in an adventure of some description
    4. An essential piece of camping equipment
    5. A personality trait to highlight and elucidate

The squirrel looked down on the camp site sizing up the possibilities for getting up to mischief and an easy feed. In the back of his mind, he played out the role of Secret Squirrel, where subterfuge was the order of the day.

The Squirrel, whose name was Kevin, observed that the campers were occupied with themselves, their plans and the fact they needed to cook dinner before the night was upon them. He saw an opportunity to sneak into the camp and steal what he supposed was a bag of nuts, the type any self-respecting squirrel would secret away for the long winter ahead.

Of the camping party, he observed that the one called Uncle Arthur was the stupidest and the one most likely to allow Kevin to slip through unnoticed.

With the dinner cooking on the camp stove over a raging fire, Kevin saw his chance as the longer he stared at the nuts, the hungrier he became. In fact, he thought the nuts may not last beyond that very evening.

Kevin waited until Uncle Arthur had consumed several beers before moving. The campers were in earnest conversation over a map, planning their next day’s activities when Kevin appeared and stood on his hind legs watching Uncle Arthur attending to the fire and the dinner.

Uncle Arthur sipped on his beer, thinking how tame the animals were and watched as the small squirrel stepped up and took hold of the bag of nuts. He felt like Kelvin’s boldness deserved a round of applause and did so as Kevin scurried off with his prize.

Before the other campers became aware of the theft, Kevin was well away, up his tree and storing his new-found nutty wealth safely into a hole in the tree.

Uncle Arthur thinking he’d seen nature at its finest, stoked the fire and announced the dinner to be ready.

It was after when asked what had happened to the bag of nuts that Uncle Arthur recounted the event with the squirrel.

Needless to say, the campers were far from impressed.


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16 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt “5 by 5” – Kevin the Squirrel

  1. crimsonprose says:

    Those squirrels… always squirrelling away their nuts.

  2. You always need beer for camping.

  3. Lyn says:

    Clever Kevin and three cheers for Uncle Arthur, I say 😀

  4. This was adorable and wonderfully amusing! Kevin is a great name for a squirrel

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