Crimson’s Creative Challenge #37 A Day at the Beach.


My aged companion, Crisp, decided we needed a day of rest and relaxation.

The nearest beach and was at the end of the Number 73 Bus route.

After a brief stop at the local pharmacy, we headed off with enough sunscreen to swathe our white bodies.

Crisp wasn’t normally a beach person, but as the day was going to be warmish, she decided cooling off in the ocean would be a good way to get through the hot day expected.

After a short trip, the bus stopped beside a rough bus shelter.

Crisp up and off down the dirt track towards the beach.

After negotiating some troublesome rocky bits, we arrived and were confronted by a sign announcing.

“This beach is clothes free. Please respect users in an appropriate manner.”

We found we were confronted by groups of naked people. Some old, some young.

“Goodness,” uttered Crisp, “well, let’s get into it.” With that she stripped off, glad I’m sure we had a bountiful supply of sunscreen.



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6 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #37 A Day at the Beach.

  1. crimsonprose says:

    Love it, love it. And the shock of that awful signage for one who doesn’t usually shuck the cloth. Brave of Crisp to brace herself and go for it 🙂

  2. Dale says:

    Oh that Crisp is a wild one, isn’t she? Not going to let a little surprise ruin her day, that’s for sure.

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