Photo Challenge #273 – Mesmerized.


Image: Unknown

“You see, the thing is,” said the butterfly, “now you are under my control I can do what ever I like with you, and you are powerless to do anything.”

The cat was mesmerized, totally flummoxed by the presence of the tiny winged creature.

“This is weird,” thinks the cat, “it’s always me who mesmerizes. Creatures are afraid of me, but I dare not take my eyes off it.”

“Got you haven’t I?” chortles the butterfly, flapping its wings.

“Oh no,” cries the cat, “it’s going to flap its wings, please don’t flap your wings, oh my God it did, I’m screwed well and truly now.”

That was where the standoff occurred.

Cat caught like a rat in a trap,

Butterfly knowing it’s flapping was enough to hold the cat in its thrall.

Cat didn’t like being held in this way, began to panic,

Tried shaking its head, uncrossing its eyes, growling, breathing heavily

But the butterfly was undeterred.

“Hehehehe,” laughed the butterfly, “not so high and mighty now are you?”

The cat swallowed uncomfortably and humbly agreed.

With that the butterfly flew off, pleased with its mornings work leaving the cat looking around hoping no one had witnessed its humiliation.


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10 Responses to Photo Challenge #273 – Mesmerized.

  1. crimsonprose says:

    Wonderful. Entirely chuckle-worthy. 🙂

  2. Poor puss…………….. sort of!

  3. Sadje says:

    A great story.

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