Wordle #137 – Molly Goodbum


This week’s words: Seize Hollowness Creak Radiance Wrinkles Massive Burden Attribute Profusion Patronize Prolong Confinement

Molly Goodbum hated getting old. Her once finest attribute, her face, had deteriorated over the years to become wrinkly and more road map than face.

It was far too late she felt to be seizing the day as life had taken on a hollowness that she felt took away any radiance she might have exuded on any given day.

As it was, she faced the daily burden of bones and muscles creaking as her feet it the floor beside her bed. It was a massive problem as her mind thought as a thirty-year-old, and her body was constantly arguing it was a seventy-year-old.

Her children had long given up on her having given in their minds a prolonged commitment to keeping her youthful and vibrant.

Even her email seemed to have it in for her with a profusion of emails suggesting this and that treatment designed to make life better if only she paid out large sums of money to do so.

So Molly Goodbum resigned herself to a life of confinement stuck in her tiny apartment, her Webster pack beside her doling out the necessary medications the doctor felt she needed to prolong her already miserable life.

Maybe blogging is an answer, a means of reaching out to the wider world? After all, I could be anyone I choose to be there.

She giggled thinking of easing the burden of life by having a little fun. ‘Iva Goodbum’ was so born, wrinkle-free, radiant and far from hollow.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/06/10/wordle-137/

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8 Responses to Wordle #137 – Molly Goodbum

  1. Sadje says:

    A great story!

  2. crimsonprose says:

    I smile at your story. And I wonder how many bloggers qualify for a Miss Iva Goodbum identity? And is that a real name? Cos it’s awfully like a joke. And if real, might it be a corruption of Goodrum?

    • Michael says:

      Joke it is just fun playing with words.

      • crimsonprose says:

        I remember as kids we used to make up book titles written by made-up names. *Cruel Baby* by Nora Titzov. And *Dirty Stream* by I P Brown. Typical schoolkid humour, though I’ve a feeling those were going the rounds long before we latched upon them.

  3. I met Sam online when I was much much younger. My mom and I waited for him together at the airport thank goodness he was who he said he was!

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