Prompts – June 9 – The Old Toolshed.


Prompt B (sentence starter): “Can I poke around?”


“So what’s this?”

“That my dear is a thingame.”

“Oh what’s it for?”

“Glad you asked it’s for fixing left handed bolts on right-handed nuts.”

“Oh, you’ve got a lot of stuff.”

“Taken me years to collect it all.”

“And what do you call this?”



“Yes it looks like a wrench doesn’t it, but it works better when I call it Hilda and watch this when I caress the handle. Hear that?”


“Listen, it’s purring.”

“Really, you can hear that?”

“Of course, you should be here when I get Ralph out.”


“My nail hammer. Wow does he like being turned on. Goes off with a real bang.”

“I see. So what is this?”

“That’s a whatsit.”

“What does it do?”


“As in?”

“As in any time you need a good whatsit, that’s your tool.”

“Its all a bit insane isn’t it.”

“Ah, my wife says that you don’t have to be insane to live here, but it sure helps.”

“That’s not funny, you know.”

“I guess not.”

“This tool has someone’s name on it.”

“Oh yes old whosit leant to me about twenty years ago, I must give it back to him.”

“I think he died last year.”

“Did he? Poor old bugger, he never looked healthy, you know.”

“So I guess you’ll keep this then?”

“Not sure, I’ve got a few thingame’s.”

“Can you ever have enough?”

“Good point, I’ll stack it over here with the other thingames. You never know when a thingame or a whatsit will come in handy when you need to fix a wigwam for a goose’s bridle.”


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15 Responses to Prompts – June 9 – The Old Toolshed.

  1. mandy says:

    This makes sense. Everything that has a name knows its place. 😁

  2. Sadje says:

    Very wise. You never know when one might need one.

  3. crimsonprose says:

    Love it. Though I’m disappointed that he hasn’t got a thingamabob. I find thingamabobs the best all-purpose doodah.


  5. Love it. Always best to have one handy as it will come in useful when you need one!

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