Story Starter Challenge April 7 – Sharing Our Picnic

Today’s sentence: “Now where did it go?”

It was a beautiful day for a picnic, and we were set up beside the river enjoying each other’s company but also the view we had of the river below us.

As always we shared the responsibility of bringing what we needed, and as always we arrived, set up and realised we had forgotten something, this time the plates to eat off and prepare our lunch.

But we were experienced picnickers we improvised and settled ourselves to enjoy what we had prepared.

I pointed out to my companion that we had company and pointed to a rather large lizard sitting in the grass a metre or so from us.

Her reaction was to lift her feet onto the table and look around in fear. She was thinking the lizard would run up her leg and pointed to its sharp looking claws.

I told her to not worry, as it wouldn’t run up her leg or anyone else’s.

She relaxed at that suggestion but suddenly exclaimed: “Now where did it go?”

The lizard for its part was enjoying the day, as we were meant to and was moving around on the grass, as lizards are like to do. It’s common to see these lizards along the river, which is probably why they are referred to as water dragons. They do look somewhat pre-historic with there big round scaly heads and a lot of teeth in their mouths. They grow up to about two feet in length and are basically scavengers.

It was apparent the longer we sat and watched each other that he was going to appreciate sharing our picnic.

So in the true spirit of the unknowing picnicker, we fed him some meat and discovered he quite liked the left over bit from some strawberries we had to eat. All the while thinking this may not be the best thing to feed him but realising that as long as he was eating there was not the possibility of him running up my companion’s leg.

As we packed up after an excellent lunch and equally excellent conversation I was asked: “Now where did it go?”

I looked around and found the lizard heading off to greener pastures I was certain as I think he knew he had exhausted his eating possibilities with us.

Below is a photo of him, posing in his best lizard fashion.


Image take by morpethroad at great personal risk!!!!!!

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6 Responses to Story Starter Challenge April 7 – Sharing Our Picnic

  1. Sadje says:

    It was essential to keep an eye on it.

  2. crimsonprose says:

    The cupboard lover … 🙂

  3. rugby843 says:

    Uh, I’m not into them. I had a tiny green one that sat on the garden hose holder every morning watching me water the flowers. He was such a cutie!

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