Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, 30 March 2019 – Raining Cats and Dogs.


Our metaphor this week is – Raining cats and dogs.

The alarm went off at six, and I could feel the cold of the morning descend on me as I huddled under the blankets until the last possible moment.

I had another day at work, the humdrum of it all never enthused me so staying in bed as long as I could seemed to put off the inevitable.

Trouble started the moment my feet hit the floor.

The hot water was off, the toaster fused, my good shoes had sprung a hole and the car, for reasons best known to itself, refused to start.

So I was late, and the alternative was the train. As I was by now running late I was focused on getting to the station as the next train would get me to work in time, the one after would leave me late.

Around me, the skies had darkened, and the first few drops of rain didn’t register, as I knew had only minutes to catch the train. I suddenly realised I had not grabbed my umbrella as I dashed off.

Within seconds it was raining cats and dogs. I cursed my rotten luck and thought it typical that when something goes wrong, everything does from that moment.

With the rain bucketing down I made the train and sat sodden throughout the journey. At my destination, I discovered I had not clocked on with my train card as I was still sitting on the kitchen bench. That forced me to line up and buy a ticket further delaying me.
As I arrived at work the old saying, ‘it doesn’t rain, but it pours’ ran through my mind as the rain outside continued to do its cats and dogs thing.


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9 Responses to Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, 30 March 2019 – Raining Cats and Dogs.

  1. crimsonprose says:

    A wonderful medley of rain. But at least it wasn’t stair-rods in your face.

  2. Sadje says:

    Yeah, there are days like that. I am sure there would a logical explanation for them, other than that the universe is conspiring against me!

  3. Jules says:

    So true about when it rains it pours…
    One can only hope the day gets better… like finding an old lottery ticket that’s a big winner!

  4. Lyn says:

    “Some days are better than others Section Leader.”

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