Photo Challenge #251 – Dolphus Dolt


Image: Getty Images

Dolphus Dolt loved stone fruit

All things about such fruit excited him

But mostly his peaches

Grabbed his attention and his fantasy.

He saw in the shape of his full fruit

The loves he had missed out on in life

Their shape reminded him of the plump

Round bottoms he so desired.

He dressed them in panties

To hide their modesty

Increase his dreams tenfold

He kept his firmest in the fridge overnight.

In season his produce was sought after

Long queues waited outside his fruit shack

His peaches he sold, panties included,

For more than a pretty penny

As Dolphus Dolt believed he deserved all he got

When selling his heart’s desire.


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4 Responses to Photo Challenge #251 – Dolphus Dolt

  1. MOMENTS says:

    Very well written. Peaches awakening sexual desire…. Great read!

  2. crimsonprose says:

    I can imagine this done as a Limerick. It has that feel. 🙂

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