Photo Challenge #248 – Child’s Play


Image: – Levent Erden

Rose is playing with her dolls

She spies a witch upon her wall.

She calls to her Gran,

“Gran come quick, there’s a witch upon the wall.

“What shall I do?”

Gran says, “Quick, get the wizard Lukie.”

Rose reaches in and grabs her boy doll.

Gran says, “Cast a spell, make him fly, he’ll defeat the wicked witch upon your wall.”

Rose manipulates Lukie’s limbs,

Says: “Lukie, Lukie, fly up high,

Smash that witch upon my wall.”

With a thrust she sets him a float

There’s a flash, a zip, then a zot,

And away goes the witch no longer upon her wall.

“Thank you Gran,” says the grateful Rose

Returning the wizard Lukie to his rightful spot.

Rose sits with her dolls

She looks over at her Gran

“Why are you old Gran? Are you a witch?”

“Such a question,” says Gran, cackling to herself.


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10 Responses to Photo Challenge #248 – Child’s Play

  1. Well done. The ending caught me by surprise!

  2. Sadje says:

    Good story. Unusual take, on an unusual prompt

  3. crimsonprose says:

    Love Rose’s question, so typical of a child. My own youngest, when aged 6, asked how old was grandma, and when I told her (84 at the time), my daughter replied, ‘Well, isn’t it time she died.’ So the witch idea seems natural to me. 🙂

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