Wordle #215 – Christmas on Grimace Street.


This week’s words: Present Yuletide Holiday herald Santa Tree celebrate mistletoe stocking pudding elves reindeer

Miss Marble of 46 Grimace Street, witch and lovely neighbour had over the years grown into liking Christmas. She had known Santa a long time and had developed her Yuletide potion initially to help him through a particularly rough time when he found he had lost his mojo as he put it at the time.

He had come to her for help as he wondered how he was going to keep going with his bunions playing up as they were and the reindeer demanding penalty rates since they had to work over Christmas. As it was the elves had formed themselves into a trade union and were threatening to strike unless he provided them with Christmas puddings at morning tea. Elves have a very sweet tooth he discovered, and it was all getting him down.

Miss Marble’s Yuletide potion was just what he needed. Not only was it the pick up he desired but when he slipped some into the elves morning tea and the reindeer’s oat bags they too responded with greater enthusiasm than ever before.

In Grimace Street over the years the celebration of Christmas had grown to the point where Christmas Day was one huge celebration. A tree at one selected house would be decorated in the week before the day heralding the commitment the residents were making in celebrating the day.

It was a holiday like no other. Presents were left under the decorated tree, and at lunchtime, the residents gathered and watched as Miss Marble, dressed as Santa, distributed the gifts.

Each year a new resident would be presented with a stocking in welcome, and this year it was Evelyn Ruddy a red-haired woman from the Nock, a small town down the road, who was overjoyed to receive the stocking and was so grateful to be included as she was.

The night before Miss Marble had left a small pudding at the door of each resident and on each pudding as a piece of mistletoe. Miss Marble being Miss Marble had infused each pudding with a liberal slurp of her Yuletide potion, which enabled everyone to participate in ways they always remembered.

And so as lunchtime drew near Miss Marble watched from her veranda as her neighbours gathered around the tree this year in the yard of her friend and neighbour, Mansur Stigglefod. Mansur was in her element hosting the gathering this year, and as the crowd massed around the tree, she took up her Santa beard and headed over to join in.





Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/12/24/wordle-215/

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9 Responses to Wordle #215 – Christmas on Grimace Street.

  1. Merry Christmas to Miss Marble, Angel Cyril, Mr Marsden and all your other charming characters Michael. Your day is just about to start. Merry Christmas.

  2. msjadeli says:

    What a delightful Christmas tale. When two people spontaneously write about elves unionizing, it brings me joy. Love the idea of Yuletide potion as well. Been sipping quite a bit of it this season 🙂 Happy Holidays to you!

  3. Sadje says:

    Another adventure of Miss Marble. Good one ☝️

  4. Lyn says:

    I’ve missed Miss Marble while not having the internet. I love the idea of a street Christmas tree. Years ago when my kids were little, the street we lived in decided to have a Christmas party. It was wonderful. Trestle tables set up, everyone bought food and drink, picnic blankets and, of course, a game of cricket.

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