Bonus Wordle “The Letter B” – Brian Berserk.


This week’s words: Berserk Billow Breast Brisk Bleak Brine Breakthrough Breeze Bloodshot Borrow Because Bottomless

Brian Berserk had a slight speech impediment and often was heard to say he had each night put his head on a billow when he preferred his lovers’ breast.

He walked with a brisk gait and even on the bleakest of days had a positive outlook even when and if his personality had been soaked in brine. He tried hard to forgo the salty nature of life and saw a real breakthrough when a cool breeze shifted his thoughts even though after a tough night when his eyes were all bloodshot, and fatigue was a polite way of saying he was basically stuffed.

He borrowed my bike to get home that day because he needed to find out if his love for the blessed Barbara Berserk was as bottomless as he anticipated. Needless to say, she took him to her breast as her love billowed out in front of him and after a brisk moment or two of intimacy it was clear to Brian her love was, in fact, a pitiless bottom.


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