Sunday Writing Prompt – 16th September – Truth and Lies.


We live in a world of truth and lies. There is the question asked every day: “What is truth?”

Years ago, I was a witness to a fatal car accident. My version of the event differed from the guy involved. I claimed he was speeding, he said he wasn’t, though the damage he did to the car in which the driver died, suggested there was considerable speed involved.

The other witnesses had similar versions to mine but from the context of where they were standing at the time.

We can argue a lot about events occurring, but some things are difficult to argue against. For example, the sun coming up in the morning is very difficult to argue against.

In today’s world the truth is couched in politics, which side you favour or not, if you have faith in one person over another, you will support what they say no matter how ludicrous it might be to the sane mind.

The best example of how truth and lie can be interchanged is in 1984 when the war which is graphically portrayed between one side and another is flipped overnight so that yesterday’s enemy becomes today’s ally and people accept it because Big brother says so.

How much of this translates to our world?


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3 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – 16th September – Truth and Lies.

  1. Reena Saxena says:

    What actually happens is Version1, but it dies with the moment. What remains is the memory of that – Version 2 – what did we see, how did we feel, what did we learn and how did we store it for further reproduction. Cameras are not free of bias either – they have their angles, lenses and light problems.

  2. rugby843 says:

    A good question for we Americans

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