Three Things Challenge, 16 Sept 2018


Today’s things are: safety pin, hotel, bathrobe

Miss Teresa told us that today in our writing lesson we were to write a story about staying in a hotel.

Dango who was sitting beside me made up a story of staying at a hotel and swanning about in the bathrobes. It was he thought the height of all luxury.

My story was one my dad told me of staying in a hotel for a conference and on the night, he was to make the presentation to the conference when he was getting dressed the zipper on his fly broke.

Thankfully mum was there with him and had a safety pin handy to hold his pants together.

Mum would always giggle when she told that story because when pushing the safety pin through his pants she almost stabbed his private bit. For obvious reasons dad never saw the humour in mum’s account.


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