Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 49


What is it that lives inside our bodies, and drives our actions? Is it a god, a monster or a ghost?

I think that within us are elements of each of the above.

As humans, we are susceptible to emotion, and we can swing as easily as the wind can change direction.

We are also very greedy which suggests an overinflated perception of ourselves.

We are one of many on this earth, yet so many of us believe the universe revolves around our particular needs. Maybe that is the epitome of being human.

I know I have demons inside of me. When life is tough, I hear my ‘unworthy demon’ at work trying to convince me of the futility of my thoughts and actions. This demon held court within me for a long time, but in the most part, I have been able to shuffle him off into a quiet corner to await the next time he sees the opportunity to pounce on me.

The ghost is something from the past. It is the result of abuse, the slings and arrows of life where I have been thrown from pillow to post and in laymen’s terms have become damaged goods. This has greatly affected my ability to connect with people. I live alone for a reason, one to protect myself and the other to spare someone else the pain and anguish of living with me. The beauty of living alone is your ghost is content because it doesn’t need to remind you of your frailties.

The god inside of me and I think there is something like that is the voice telling you what is right and wrong. This is about empathy and as a one-time teacher you had to have empathy for those students who struggled and who needed you to understand them and not cast them aside because they didn’t conform to the expected standards.

This is about giving and understanding that we all receive in our own way. It’s also about understanding why you are who you are. Never perfect but always wanting to do the best you can. Somedays you know you’ll win and somedays no matter what, you don’t.

Humans have developed into complex characters. Some we love, some we deplore.

But each of us is here on the same earth, and we owe to each other to try and balance out the good and bad within us.


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12 Responses to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 49

  1. Very deep thoughts Michael and well written.

  2. Reena Saxena says:

    Brilliant analysis of the self! This can be done only by distancing oneself from situations and being non-judgemental, and you excel at it.

    Thanks, Michael!

  3. A thought provoking post Michael. My demons still come at night in my dreams though not quite so frequently now.

  4. This is a profound post. The first thought I had as I read it was, those who let the internal demons win show it in their disregard for the lives of other people. Thank you for this post.

  5. rugby843 says:

    Interesting and is it true of you, M? I think most people don’t like to really think of why they act the way they do. Deep understanding sometimes brings up old memories we wish to forget. I know it happens to me.

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