Today is August 3rd and thirty-five years ago today my mother passed away.

I remember the day so clearly. Though it was more evening, as I was about to go out and play in a squash tournament.

My sister rang and blurted out over the phone: “Mum’s dead.”

I was taken aback and listened as she told me the tale of mum being out during the day, coming home, preparing dad’s dinner and saying she felt a bit off and going to lie down.

Dad went in later and found her dead.

I lived ten hours away, with three small kids.

I was numb for a long time, her leaving me so suddenly left an indelible imprint on my mind.


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13 Responses to TELL ME A TALE IN (EXACTLY) 120 WORDS

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    I’m sorry. We had a relative start to tell his wife something at the breakfast and have an aneurysm. It’s hard when people go unexpectedly.

    • Michael says:

      My mother’s legacy lives on me, I suspect she had chronic kidney disease as I have it and mine’s genetic, my dad lived to 90 and died of old age…

      • The Haunted Wordsmith says:

        Dang. I have enough of my genealogy done going back almost a hundred years with death certificates for whole families that I know I will probably die of a stroke or diabetes related illness. It’s funny because none of the ladies that developed diabetes were overweight.

      • Michael says:

        Sometimes we can’t explain why these things happen other than possibly genetics.
        My mum was a very sharing type of person.

  2. Reena Saxena says:

    Dying in action is perhaps one of the best ways to die. See it as your mother’s good Karma that she did not suffer old age and disease.

  3. floridaborne says:

    That one moment — when someone picks up the phone and says two words that change your life — THAT was exactly the kind of indelible moment I was looking for.

    Very powerful.

    I lost my children’s father and my dad almost14 months apart. The first one was lingering, the second one, like your mother, was quick and dad felt no pain. It doesn’t seem to matter how slowly or quickly, loss still feels the same.

    • Michael says:

      That’s so true. I sat with my father through his dying. There was a sense of relief when he did pass away as he was in so much discomfort. Even so sense of loss was profound.

  4. So sorry for your loss Michael, especially under the circumstances. If there are such things, it was a nice way to go, falling asleep forever. It doesn’t make it any easier for those left behind though.

  5. floatinggold says:

    Great minds think alike!
    I saw Joelle’s challenge and thought of a suitable event. The only one that really came to my mind was the death of my mother.
    Great response to the prompt!

  6. Lyn says:

    Exactly a week (to the minute) before my mother died, I woke from a dream where my mother had told me, “I’m going now.” I looked at the clock – it was midnight. The following Friday, at exactly midnight, a nurse from the hospital phoned me to tell me my mother had died. I guess in some ways I was prepared. Still hard though when reality strikes :/

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