Three Things Challenge, 20 July 2018


Today’s things are: discovery, lace, basketball

One of the many things we discovered about our teacher, Miss Teresa was her penchant for lace. As it was summer and the days long and warm, she’d often turn up to school in tops with lace collars or skirts with lacy hems, and we thought she looked pretty cool, for a girl we boys surmised.

But it was during PE that our greatest discovery came about. Miss Teresa was brilliant at basketball. We boys thought of ourselves as budding NBL players, but Miss Teresa put us all to shame. She had skills we only dreamed about, and as it was I think most of us boys did enough dreaming about Miss Teresa but we stood back and watched her play, she was magnificent.

Turned out she’d played for the Lace Girls in the national league in the years before she took on teaching. For us though having a player of her calibre was the icing on the cake of our education.


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