Three Things Challenge, 13 July 2018


Today’s things are: haunted, pen, superstition

My teacher Miss Teresa was not happy with me. She said I was falling behind in my work and as it was Friday 13th, well yesterday in my world, I had best lift my game. She said superstition was real, and I’d best make a better effort to address the words for today. She made me stand on my head in the corner and made all the other kids sprinkle me with salt to ward off the evil spirits and in particular Bad Roger whose ghost haunted our classroom on every Friday 13th.

So I took up my pen and wrote:

Dear Bad Roger, please don’t haunt my teacher, she is a nice lady, most days, and is doing her best. It is not her fault we are all ignoramuses, but we do try, hard as that may be to believe. She is a superstition person, I am currently covered in salt, and she has threatened to make me eat her magic potion of curdled lambs brain in rhubarb wine. Though I do fear she has cast a spell on my pen as I am writing more than I normally might.

Yours sincerely…


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4 Responses to Three Things Challenge, 13 July 2018

  1. Lyn says:

    I am so glad Miss Teresa wasn’t my teacher at school. One of us wouldn’t have survived – probably her. My best teacher ever was my third grade teacher – Mrs Heron. Poor lady, she despaired of me ever be able to write with a pen and ink. I’m a left-hander, and back in the day, you HAD to have your exercise book straight in front of you and your eyes exactly 12 inches (30cm) from the page. I failed both the post office pen and ink task and keeping my eyes 12 inches from the page. She did encourage my writing though 🙂

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