Three Things Challenge, 12 July 2018


tapestry, comedy, Big Apple

My teacher, Miss Teresa, seemed to think that the first lesson of the day should contain some element of comedy. That is, comedy, which in her head was hilarious but in ours was more tragedy.

She loved starting the day sounding lively, happy and enthusiastic, which didn’t help us kids who consigned ourselves to another day of sitting in the hot classroom listening to her drone on about one thing and another.

Today she had a tapestry to show us. Not any tapestry she informed us but one with history. That was her cue to get into drone mode, and off she went and out the door went our minds.

For reasons unknown my mind went to the big apple, I had in my bag. Recess was a good hour away, but I knew the apple was there, it was a big apple, and it would be delicious.

I woke to Miss Teresa saying something about the Big Apple, and I suddenly wondered how she knew I had it in my bag.


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2 Responses to Three Things Challenge, 12 July 2018

  1. Lyn says:

    LOL teachers always know 😉

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