Tale Weaver – #177 – Climbing to the Top – 28th June – Self-Centred


Image: © Jim Kable (Used with permission)

He didn’t find it hard to trample over anyone who stood in his way as he climbed the corporate ladder.

His success was strewn with the ‘bodies’ of those who dared to stop or slow him down.

I’d known him a lot of years. As kids we hung out together, he’d meet me as I walked to school; we discussed important issues that small boys discussed.

Later as we aged we went our own way, he was sent to work in a far away town, as was I.

Later he and I moved back to our hometown and renewed our friendship but only temporarily.

He’d married and adopted a beautiful child but all the while unbeknownst to his wife he carried on a relationship, which started when we were both kids.

One day he announced to his wife he was leaving and did so. We were all shocked and saddened that his wife and child were abandoned.

In later years he rose to the top of the pile, he was happy, he had a great salary and retired a wealthy man.

It had been a self-centred rise; he cared little for those left in his wake including his family who was left to wonder what sort of man had been their husband and father.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/06/28/tale-weaver-177-climbing-to-the-top-28th-june/

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5 Responses to Tale Weaver – #177 – Climbing to the Top – 28th June – Self-Centred

  1. Some use people as per their convenience. Sad to say, I’ve also met this lot.

  2. I know of an instance where work took priority to provide the best and newest of everything. This stemmed from a childhood of near poverty and doing without. Twenty years and five kids later, she left, tired of her life and only seeing her husband at bed time. It was a bitter time for all. They both remarried, she subsequently divorced again and now living alone, still bitter. He on the other hand seems happy enough, especially as his wife had a similar drive for the latest and best.

    • Michael says:

      Its funny how it goes isn’t it. My ex who remarried a guy who now experiences the misery of being married to her is also part of her plan to build a new house, bigger and better than the last one she built for no other reason than wanting to have the biggest and best house in the street. Beyond comprehension when you think it’s only the two of them.

      • Whilst it’s nice to have nice things, they don’t have to be overly grand. It’s like cars……. have to have the biggest t impress the neighbours regardless of how much it costs to run.

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