100 Word Wednesday: Week 77 – The Lids


The Bottle twins, Kelly and Karl liked climbing to the top of the hill behind their house to watch the sunset and talk over their respective days.

Since they were little they had been given the nickname, Lids. Both answered to it but as they had now reached teenage years they were grateful they hadn’t been named “Screwtop’.

The twins made life plans where they would always be close to each other.

A year later Karl tragically died in a car accident and Kelly was left bereft at his loss. She found it bemusing there was now only a Lid.


Written for: https://bikurgurl.com/2018/06/27/100-word-wednesday-week-77/

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2 Responses to 100 Word Wednesday: Week 77 – The Lids

  1. Oh, dear! It must be devastating for Kelly.

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