Weekend Writing Prompt #56 – Erosion


Their wedding day arrived amidst expectation, joy and excitement.

The pomp and ceremony was carefully planned, the guests like the bride going to great lengths to look their best. Socially it was prestigious to attend.

The event went perfectly, no one suspected the bride and groom had argued the night before. She wanted out, but it was far too late.

She set out to white-ant their marriage. She undermined his every effort to make it work. She started to go out more and more just to be away from him. To her he was poison.

Within a few short years, she had eroded whatever existed of their one time attraction. She gave herself five years, that day was tomorrow. She knew he liked peppered steak.


Written for: https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2018/05/26/weekend-writing-prompt-56-erosion/

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3 Responses to Weekend Writing Prompt #56 – Erosion

  1. O- er……. a black widow tale!

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